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LOF Part 2

Jack thinks that he is different from other boys in books and movies. He felt that he is suprerior and well suited to lead others. In the book, in order to make everyone feel that he is more powerful and supreme than other boys, Jack prefers to be called by an adult name, Merridew, and not by his child name Jack. In comparison, this detail is not mentioned in the movie. Therefore, I think the book is a better medium to show Jack's superity than others. Additionally, in the book, Jack is described as: “he was tall, thin, and bony: and his hair was red […]. His face was crumpled and freckled, and ugly without silliness” (Golding 16). When I was the first time reading this, I thought he is a bit scary, like a villain. His voice was described as "loud and savage". However, in the movie, the image of Jack does not match exactly what the book says. First of all, the movie follows the usual routine of choosing good-looking actors to gain popularity among the audience, and chooses a boy who is very handsome to play the role of Jack unlike how the book describes him. The movie does not have the obvious disclosure when I read about Jack's description in the book. Jack’s voice in the movie does not match the description of his voice from the book as "loud and savage". Piggy sometimes even has a louder voice than Jack in the movie, and there is no obvious manifestation of savage. Based on the above description, I deeply feel that there are more details in the book that can better reflect the character of Jack.

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