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LOF Part 3

Piggy is a very important figure in Lord of the Flies. Whether in the book or in the movie, he's always brain of Ralph, he tells Ralph...

LOF Part 2

Jack thinks that he is different from other boys in books and movies. He felt that he is suprerior and well suited to lead others. In the...

LOF Part 1

Ralph and Jack have completely different personalities and leadership styles. One of them is a democratic leader, and the other is a...

Violet vs Charlie

Violet is a very competitive and ambitious girl. She wins a lot of medals and trophies from different sports, martial arts and gum...

Augustus vs Charlies

As I mentioned before in the “Veruca vs. Charlie” analysis section, Charlie lives in a shabby wooden house on the edge of a small town....

Veruca vs Charlie

Veruca is a spoiled kid from a rich family in England. She always wears different clothes whenever she appears on screen. She is seen...

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