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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 3

In the scene of the search for Horcruxes, Harry and Hermione pass St. Jerome’s graveyard which includes members of prominent families like the Peverells, the Potters, and the Dumbledores. Harry wants to take the time to visit his parents’ graves. During their search for Harry’s parents’ graves, Harry is very sad as it brings back many memories he had with his parents. When Harry finally finds his parents’ graves, he stands there with lots of sadness and couldn’t move his feet. In the meantime, Hermione finds the other graves that later they learned could be associated with the Deathly Hallows. However, in the book, Hermione is the one who discovers Harry’s parents’ graves and calls him over.

In my opinion, Harry’s priority in that moment is to look for his parents’ grave as he misses them so much so that he is overwhelmed with emotion and couldn’t focus on other things. Thus, Harry starts looking for the grave of his parents as soon as he enters the graveyard. In order to demonstrate Harry's eagerness to find his parents' graves and his close relationship with his parents, the director made an adaption from the book by showing that Harry discovers the graves first.

Although, the book portrayed this plot with different intentions. I think they are both good. It makes sense to see Hermione being the one who found the graves of Harry’s parents as described in the book because Hermione is a more detail-oriented person which probably helps her to locate the graves in an intense timeline. J.K Rowling fully depicts Hermione's meticulous characteristic and fast search speed, so she made Hermione to be the character who finds Harry's parents' graves. “Then Hermione’s voice came out of the blackness for the third time, sharp and clear from a few yards away. ‘Harry, they’re here . . . right here.’”

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