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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

There are many characters created by Rowling that I really liked, but there is one character who I don’t like. She sets up lots of rules at Hogwarts. As a student, I like to have some sort of flexibility and freedom at school, so when I was reading about her, I always talked to myself, “Thank God. She’s not my teacher.” To me, Dolores Umbridge is an evil woman, nothing more than a social pervert. She represents the worst political power. She is ruthless, longing for power, and has no moral or moral center. Her life in Hogwarts is characterized by cruel and abusive behavior towards students. Due to her interference and condescension, most students and teachers are full of contempt for her.

I think the book more accurately portrays this character. Whenever a student complains about Umbridge's bad teaching practices in class, they will immediately be silenced or punished by Umbridge. Harry is the most outspoken, which often lands him in trouble. After working at Hogwarts for a while and discussing with the minister, she gets appointed the first-ever "Hogwarts High Inquisitor" and uses this position to evaluate, harass and fire any teachers at Hogwarts deemed unsatisfactory by her or the Ministry. These all show that she manipulates her power at her will. Also since the Patronus represents the owner, in the book, it only protects the interrogators. However, in the movie, her Patronus protects everyone in the chamber, including the Muggle-born wizards. This is contradictory to the character developed by the book. As a ruthless and unethical person, Dolores Umbridge certainly does not care about the life and death of others in the chamber, so I don't agree that her Patronus protects everyone in the chamber as the movie portrayed. She always only cares about herself and her power.

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