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Augustus vs Charlies

As I mentioned before in the “Veruca vs. Charlie” analysis section, Charlie lives in a shabby wooden house on the edge of a small town. Although Augustus's hometown is not as luxurious as Veruca's. From the movie, we can tell Augustus lives in a beautiful and wealthy-looking town in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Augustus’ beautiful and wealthy-looking town

Compared to Charlie who only has a Wanka bar once a year, Augustus lives a better life, in which he eats countless Wanka chocolate bars every day. There is much evidence in both the book and movie that shows Augustus is addicted to chocolate bars. When he heard about the golden ticket, he eats even more every day, hoping to find the golden ticket one day. In the movie, when Augustus faced reporters, he talked about his experience of getting his Golden Ticket, “I’m eating the Wanka bar, and I taste something that is not chocolate or coconut or walnut or peanut butter or nougat or butter brittle or caramel or sprinkles.” Therefore, it seems like Veruca and Augustus are buying a lot of chocolate to increase their chances of getting the golden ticket, but Charlie getting the golden ticket is more based on luck, so he cherishes the opportunities he gets even more.

Augustus is rude and selfish during the tour. One detail that I like in the movie is, at the beginning of the walking tour in the factory, Augustus is eating chocolate bars as he walks. He shows off to Charlie and asks, “Would you like some chocolate?” Charlie answers, “Sure.” Then immediately, Augustus turns his head away and says, “Then you should’ve brought some.” Selfishly, Augustus finishes the chocolate by himself. Opposite of Augustus, Charlie is very sweet and generous because on his birthday, instead of consuming the chocolate by himself, he shares the Wanka chocolate bar with everyone in his family even though that's the only time he gets to eat chocolate.

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