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Violet vs Charlie

Violet is a very competitive and ambitious girl. She wins a lot of medals and trophies from different sports, martial arts and gum competitions. When the reporters come to their house, Violet’s mother and she are in a room full of medals and trophies. Her mom said the medals and trophies in the room are just some of the 263 trophies and medals Violet has won. Her competitiveness makes her care more about the results rather than the process in the competition - she expressed her desire to win Willy Wonka’s prize, “I don’t care who those four are. That kid, it’s gonna be me.” However, Charlie is more calm and he enjoys the process more than the outcome. From both the book and movie, we can tell Charlie doesn’t think much about the final prize. Instead, he is just very grateful for being there.

Violet’s ambition to win the prize is also shown at the beginning of the tour. She hugged Willy Wanka to get close with him, which she thinks that can help her to get the prize in a higher chance. After that, she is also the first participant who introduces herself to impress Willy Wonka. When Willy Wanka says he doesn't care about her name, she responds with confidence, “Well, you should care, because I’m gonna win the special prize at the end.”

Another characteristic of Violet is that she is very arrogant and doesn’t follow rules or respect authorities. She looks down upon people, including Charlie and other characters. During the tour, all the participants are in the Inventing Room. They come to a gum machine which produces the chewing-gum meal. When Violet wants to try the chewing-gum meal, Wanka warns her, 'I would rather you didn't take it. You see, I haven't got it quite right yet. There are still one or two things . . .' However,Violet ignores Willy Wonka and insists on trying it. She gets punished for what she did. In the end, she turns into a blueberry, and turns violet, her name.

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